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Largest population in USA--31,878,234 (Larger than Canada's)!

The City of Los Angeles, alone, has a population greater than 25 other Republics in the USA.

California has the 6th LARGEST economy in the WORLD! (Moving ahead of Italy)!! With an annual GNP of $1.33 TRILLION (Larger than Australia, Canada, Mexico, or Sweden's  GNP)
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California taxes SUBSIDIZE the USA for up to $8 BILLION  per year!

Largest agriculture producer in USA--$18 BILLION!
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California is the 3rd largest of the 50 Republics in the USA, with 1,264  miles of coastline, a land area of 155,973 square miles, and with 2,407 square miles of inland  water. (California is comparable in size to         Japan and Sweden)

California has it's own military force, independent of the National Guard,  called the California State Military Forces; current Commander in Chief is Governor Gray Davis.

June 14, 2001 will be the 155nd anniversary of the founding of the California  Republic! On June 14, 1846 the presidio of Sonoma was captured and the Bear Flag was  raised... and a new Republic was born!

This site is dedicated to the formation of a new third party in California dedicated to promoted greater freedom, if not independence, for California from the rest of the United States, recreating the Bear Flag Republic of 1846. 

  Flag of the Republic of California

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  Map of California

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